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Long before the writing began, Renee found the power of words in books. A voracious reader from her first encounter with "Run Dick Run, and Jump Jane, Jump" she walked downhill to the nearest library and became a card carrying member of that special society that doesn't judge or descriminate. All book lovers may join.


Reading became the informant, shaping how and where her imagination would be carried. "It didn't hurt to have old movies on television that shaped images and enlarged them for me."


She felt as though she read through life with best sellers competing with classics Salinger against Austen. Who won that battle? "I did, because I quickly found that each had a place at the table, and all were winners of my special contest." That contest being each writer's ability to engage a young and developing mind.


The novels on this website had beginnings in other people's histories. For Dead Eyes In Late Summer it was the tragic World War I that Virginia Woolf writes of in her diaries. But, it is also the fabulous movie quality ride of New York and Paris in the Roaring Twenties! 


For Until The Darkness Goes, it began with the question: What If? What if a tragedy can take a person and her fragile mental state to a place where she obliterates the pain with drugs?


Of the newly launched novel Dead Eyes In Late Summer, Renee says, "I got to know some about the south a while back when my husband and I engaged in a two week southern tour, Atlanta, Birmingham, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. But it was Eudora Welty who completed the picture for me. Everything I experienced on that tour, I had already learned from Ms. Welty.