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Dead Eyes In Late Summer

A trip through the old South from 1918 and the Influenza epidemic to New York and Paris of the Twenties with two young lovers.

Until The Darkness Goes

Molly Morris is a 42-year-old, headstrong Jewish from New York who has had it with her family's conventional middle-class values. She flees to Long Beach, California to begin a vibrant new life far from her critical mother. She finds love with Javier, an attractive Mexican auto mechanic who invites her into his life, his culture and his close-knit family. Life is good...very good...until tragedy strikes and Molly's grief and self-recrimination plunge her into depression and drug addiction.

Writers Cramped

Renee Ebert's Writers Cramped tells the story of Anna who struggles with her craft to win the coveted publisher's prize, only to lose to someone younger. Find out how both these women's lives entwine in ways they'd never expect.